Founder and Mission


Throughout the past 27 years, I have sojourned along side of families, compassionately supporting and assisting children, individuals, and parents through all stages of family life. I have been privileged to provide evaluation and intervention services within various educational, clinical, health care, and community organizations in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area. Within these settings, I have admired the courage and resolve of parents, adults, couples, and children as they faced daunting and sometimes overwhelming challenges regarding their children, themselves, their relationships, and with family functioning.  Yet, I have also witnessed their angst as they encountered the limitations of services within our community’s system of care.  Often, available supports only partially addressed the needs of children, individuals and families. Moreover, most supports were not offered through an integrated approach, leaving families running from one support provider to another while struggling to apply inconsistent interventions in the context of an already jam-packed family schedule.

I resolved to develop a way to provide effective services while alleviating the weariness, unnecessary guilt, frustration, and discouragement that these families were experiencing.  I was determined to make a change for these families, but I was limited within the organizations at which I worked.

I formed Greenleaf Psychological & Support Services (GPSS) in order to provide help, hope, and relief that in a way that works for all individuals and families. At GPSS, we really listen and learn about your unique situation so that we can understand what you want and need. We then use our well-developed clinical tool box to address your needs with customized, convenient, and cohesive services.

Isn’t it time that someone thought of this? This is your time to enjoy relief and hope again!