Daily Visual Schedule and Behavioral Support Chart

by Dr. Barbara Lowe

For the child who struggles with inattention and off-task behaviors, positive, immediate, and consistent reinforcement is effective in increasing right behaviors. One of the most effective behavioral techniques for teaching and encouraging appropriate behavior for a preschool child is the use of a Daily Visual Schedule and Behavioral Support Chart (Daily Visual Chart; DVC for short).

A DVC allows teachers (and parents) to provide targeted immediate and consistent reinforcement for targeted appropriate school behavior on a daily basis.  In addition, the visual schedule element helps the student to have a visual reminder of classroom expectations, and also helps with preparing for transitioning to what is next on the classroom schedule.

With a DVC, the student is rewarded for appropriate behavior at school, (and also at home if possible). Here is how it works:

  • The child’s teacher and parent(s) set 1-3 individualized behavioral goals together that are positively and simply stated. (See example below).
  • The teacher then completes a daily written chart and records the child’s appropriate performance on the 1-3 behavioral goals, which are monitored throughout relevant periods of the day.
  • The child receives tangible and verbal positive feedback for all appropriate behavior throughout the day. Reinforcement, both verbal and visual (stickers/stars on chart)must be immediate, or the rewards will not be meaningfully tied to the right behaviors.
  • After the child attains a certain number of stars of stickers on his or her chart, the child earns a privilege in the classroom that is meaningful to the child.
  • Then the child brings the DVC home where his parents (if feasible) provide daily rewards and privileges if the child meets his or her behavioral goals.
  • The child does not lose stars/stickers fro poor behavior, but other consequences are used instead.

Here is a useful website for developing a visual schedule and visual supports: http://www.dotolearn.com/

For more information on how to develop and use a DVC, please feel free us at 919.294.8981.