Violence in the Media

by Dr. Barbara Lowe

We have all been aware of and felt our own primal reactions to the heinous violence we collectively have witnessed lately on the news. Such awareness causes us to face our own fears that maybe we are not safe in this world, and that we do not have control. This is a time when we must look at, process, and problem solve regarding what is bad and evil. None-the-less, we ALSO desperately need to remember and think on what is good, safe, kind, and wonderful about this world in our own lives. In addition to helping ourselves, it important to help the little ones among us to process and to feel safe. Here are two articles that can be helpful in coping with the violence we have seen:

Supporting Students Experiencing Childhood Trauma: Tips for Parents and Educators


APA Resources for Coping with Mass Shootings, Understanding Gun Violence


Chelsey Robertson