Write Your Own Prescription For A Fresh Start!


by Dr. Barbara Lowe

Write Your Own Prescription for A Fresh Start!

 Resolutions, some love them, some hate them, some ignore the concept all together…whether you are a lover or a hater, the idea of a fresh start in a particular area of our lives is intriguing, is it not? If we are honest, we will admit that we struggle with ourselves in certain areas…possibly our attitude, our experience in a relationship, a self-sabotaging behavior, our motivation, and/or an area of excess. We all have an image of our ideal self, how our life should look. Yes, some of us need to release ourselves from expectations of that are too high; nonetheless, all of us can easily identify areas that are out of sync with how we wish we were behaving, communicating, thinking, and/or feeling.

I want to ask you a question. Your response to the question, first proposed by medical doctor, Lissa Rankin, has the potential to truly CHANGE YOUR LIFE. If you want your life to stay the same, stop reading now.

OK, here goes…

If you were to write your own prescription to change your life from this moment on, what would you prescribe for yourself?

Let’s break this powerful question down more. Think about your life: your habits, your mental and physical health, your career choices, your finances, your relationships, your leisure time, your sex life, your spirituality, etc. Now consider, what do you want to change? With what are you unhappy? Where does your life need restoration, change, or healing? Where are you out of alignment with your true self? Grab a piece of paper and divide it in three columns, then write these areas of misalignment down in the left column, leaving some space between each item.

Now, item by item, think about what you need to do to facilitate restoration, healing, or change in each area. Do you need to let go of, change, or replace a habit? Give yourself some slack or add some accountability in an area?  Make a career shift? Read a self-help book? Get a mentor? Give up an attitude or a “savior complex”? Communicate differently? Be more vulnerable with safe others?  Contact or forgive someone? Leave a relationship? Start a relationship? Enjoy nature more? Join a group? Eat differently? Move your body more often? Think more kindly about yourself? Set better boundaries in relationships? Develop a new skill? For each item, thoughtfully write these “prescriptions” in the middle column.

Last, in the third (right) column, for each prescription, list the supports that you will need to succeed. Maybe you need to get an accountability partner? Sign up for a class? Use time blocking within your schedule? Ask someone to be a mentor? Go on a retreat? Get a coach?  Open up to a loved one?  Be lavish and creative here, as your prescription will only be effective with sufficient supports in place.

Now look at the three columns, and give yourself props for writing your own prescription! You know what you want to change, and how to make those changes. Now it is time to follow your prescription and ASK for the supports you need. You got this! I believe in you, and you can too!

And what if you fail in a certain area? Like John Maxwell says, just “Fail Forward.” We all fail in many ways all the time. In fact, the path to success is marked with failures. Just keep reassessing and trying, or as Finding Nemo’s Dori says, “Just keep swimming!” Reassess your expectations, if they are too high, and lower them a notch. And if they are if they are not too high, tweak your plan a bit, add more or different supports, and try again. You really do have this!

For those needing professional support in following your prescription, Team Greenleaf would be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us at Greenleaf Psychological and Support Services!

Ansley Schenck