At Greenleaf Psychological and Support, our motto is “Whole Child, Whole Family” because we see our role as helping you, and all the members of your family to find the clarity, solutions, and quality of life which you are seeking. We offer individual, group, family, and couples therapy, evaluation, mental health coaching, and case management.

Learn more about the types of therapy we provide, and some of the techniques and modalities we utilize (bottom of this page). Get in touch if you have any questions.

Types of Therapy

During therapy, we come from a compassionate, encouraging, and progress monitoring orientation to help you find hope and empowerment in your life. We see ourselves as partners with our clients to achieve their unique goals through creative client-centered solutions.



We provide individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and children. Each client’s treatment plan is tailored to suit the individual needs and concerns of the client.



In couples therapy, we address relationship challenges in a way that facilitates overall progress and growth, renewed love, and increased wholeness for the relationship.



We strive to help each family meet its goals for improved communication and relationships. Therapy may include issues relating to step families, adoption, parenting concerns, and co-parenting and post-divorce challenges.


COgmed - working memory training

Coaching services are designed to help young adults with ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, and/or difficulties with organization and staying on top of necessary tasks. Coaching provides support, encouragement, and skills building in areas of challenge. Coaching is especially helpful for individuals who have transitioned into a new academic or career situation (e.g., college freshman) and need extra support in developing the necessary skills for the new situation.



Telepsychology Services (or Teletherapy) is a form of psychological therapy provided via secure internet technology.  It has the same purpose and intention as psychological treatment sessions that are conducted face-to-face at the offices of Greenleaf Psychological and Support Services, but instead allows you to access help in the comfort of your chosen environment. Some restrictions apply. Please contact us if you are interested in teletherapy services with us.


groups and workshops

Interpersonal processing groups, psychoeducational groups, and couples therapy.